Treating the affected person.

The following ayats from the Holy Quran provide protection from seher (Black Magic).

Read each ayat loudly seven times and blow to the water.

You may drink from this water for seven days (and top up when necessary).

You may do ghusal with this water for seven days.


1. Surah Baqrah ayat 102

surah baqarah, black magic, seher, hasad, envy



2. Surah Araf ayat from 117 - 122

surah araf

3. Surah yunus from 79 - 81

surah yunus


4. Surah Taha from 65 - 69

surah taha


Plus Muawwizaat (5. Surah Ikhlaas6. urah Falaq7. Surah An-Naas)